Gaming Industry in UAE

Posted by TEK CEL on

Gamers and Gaming Industry is like a shining star among the other lead industries, knowing that the Gamers are having a huge market in uae and other mena regions as well. 

It Leaves us with the thought that the future is here in uae, wether you look at the Expo 2020 or any other global exhibitions, every event is full of high tech geniuses who plays a big role in making uae high tech and proud.

that lead to the point that now universities are offering the gaming degrees, yes there are approved gaming degrees who now will help the gamers to up bring their games.

Gaming Industry is always been a hidden gem but had a very strong impact on selected age group and individuals as well.

2020 onwards its going to be stamped as a era of virtual gamings as well, alot more jobs in gaming development and business as well.

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